This page tells you exactly how to join BBIM

    Full Inn Membership

    Becoming a BBIM Member Inn and gaining all the benefits of BBIM membership takes a little bit of effort.

    1. First, you complete the application and pay the $100 non-refundable Application Fee.
    2. We review it and if everything is OK, schedule an inspection; the inspection checklists are updated on occasion, so you need to get the latest version either from our Download Site or by requesting the forms from the Membership Chairman. You need to accommodate the inspector as quickly as possible when you're contacted by him/her.
    3. After the inspection, the Board will vote on your application; if you're approved, you will be sent a bill for the total dues, ($250, which includes a link to your independent website and your first room, plus $20 per additional room for 2013-14). Dues are prorated for those who join outside of our normal dues cycle (Aug 1- Jul 31).
    4. When we receive payment, we activate your listing at

    To start your BBIM Full Inn Membership application, complete the following two steps:

    1. Application Form - You will need some resources handy before you go the form. It asks the same questions that are on the print version.
      In addition to basic information about your inn, you will need to have handy your liability insurance information, your sales tax number and any state or local licenses you're required to have.
      When you're ready, go to the MEMBER APPLICATION SURVEY.
    2. Payment Form - You may pay the $100 non-refundable application fee by check or by credit card. This fee helps pay for your initial inspection and is not applied to your BBIM dues.
      Credit cards are accepted only through PayPal. You will be billed for the full dues after you are inspected and approved.
      Ready? Just enter your inn name and click on the Buy Now button:
      Your Inn Name

    Website Data - You will have the opportunity to create your very own listing on BBIM's website. When the Membership Chairperson has reviewed your application and determined that you meet all the criteria, you will be given a log-in to BBIM's website. You then create the listing, except for the photos. You will be given instructions on photos when you receive your log-in. Your inspector will have access to your listing information.

    BBIM will NOT set up your inspections until ALL steps are completed. We will acknowledge receiving each document and request clarification as needed.

    If you have any questions, please ask.  The Membership Chairman can be reached via email at

    We highly encourage on-line applications to save administrative time.  However, if you prefer to apply by mail, you may download the forms in multiple formats at our Download Page.

    To find a member Inn, go to our primary website

    Aspiring Innkeepers

    Aspiring Members have all the benefits of membership except we do not promote their inn and they cannot vote. Associate dues are $50 on a 12 month basis and may be applied to full membership dues during that 12-month period.

    To apply for Aspiring Membership:

    1. Go to the MEMBER APPLICATION SURVEY and complete appropriate portions, then return here to pay via PayPal.
    2. If you want to purchase the Aspiring Innkeeper Information Package with your membership (a $20 savings), Click Here
    3. Enter your name (or your inn name) and click the Buy Now button below to pay via PayPal:
      Please enter your name (or inn name)

    Vendors to the B&B Industry

    Vendor Members are listed on our website and have access to our membership.  Vendor members may:

    • List your company on our website ( with full contact information, including a link to your website.
    • Be introduced as a vendor in our blog, read by both members and non-members.
    • Have the opportunity to send an e-flyer to our membership via our moderated email group four times a year.
    • Post to our Facebook page (commercial posts from non-members are deleted).
    • Have a FREE booth and/or provide literature to be distributed at our fall membership meeting and any spring meetings that are BBIM-only.
    • Buy a banner ad at at a discount (not available if displayed website links to non-member inns).

    Vendor dues are $100 on a 12 month basis.

    To become a Vendor Member:

    1. Go to the MEMBER APPLICATION SURVEY and complete appropriate portions, then return here to pay via Paypal.
    2. Enter your business name and click the Buy Now button below to pay via PayPal:
      Your Business Name

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